Hello World

Hello and welcome to the Southminster Taylor Pastor’s Blog. I hope to engage a couple of themes in the postings to come. First, I’m always interested in how a text becomes a sermon-to-be and how that in turn becomes a word both shared and received. I would like to reflect here from time to time on sermons, both delivered and heard, and the texts that drive the sermons. Not exactly Best Seller lists stuff, but for a solo pastor in a community like Southminster its one of the most regular and important parts of life.

One of the current buzz words in the church world is “community exegesis.” By that, people mean the act of “reading” or understanding the underlying presuppositions and assumptions of a community. For the last twenty years, I’ve lived in the suburbs, in what are called urban edge communities. Taylor is very much like the community where I was born (Wheatridge, Colorado) and in many respects very unlike the communities where I’ve served previous churches. I’m interested in both “exegeting” or understanding the history and assumptions that shape Taylor and make it unique from other communities in which I’ve served, and using the process of fitting into a new community as a mirror to look at my own assumptions and presuppositions. Social exegesis is defiantly on the table.

Finally, Southminster is in may ways a typical mainline protestant congregation. The stuff that makes up so large a part of the national church conversations (debates on sexuality and political expression) don’t really play a large part in the life of Southminster. Local issues tend to dominate local congregations, at least that is my experience. Church communities like Southminster have a daunting task in defining themselves in a new way as the national centers of power and influence wane and the act of definition takes place in each local community. Part of my task at Southminster is to lead into a conversation about who we are and where we’re going. From time to time, I intend to take up that conversation in the blog.

Thanks for dropping in. Please come back from time to time so we can talk.